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Dummies, Bumpers & Launchers

Super-Pro Remote Dummy Launcher

The D.T. Systems SUPER-PROTM Remote Dummy Launcher (RDL) is the most technologically...

Details $ 419.99

Super Pro Dummy Launcher with Dummy

The DT Systems SUPER-PRO Dummy Launcher is an excellent tool to help teach and reinf...

Details $ 114.99

Puppy Bumper

These smaller, thinner bumpers are perfect for introducing your pup to the retrievin...

Details $ 6.50

Baby Wildrose Dummy by Real Duck (bumper)

Real Duck Dummies are the best you can buy! They have a 100% granulated cork core an...

Details $ 12.95

Wildrose Dummy by Real Duck (bumper)

Produced exclusively for Wildrose Kennels by Real Duck. "Our primary training bumper...

Details $ 14.95

Wildrose Custom English Gamebag

Our new version of the original, very popular bag includes several upgrades includin...

Details $ 70.00

Details $ 17.95