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Heavyweight Wool Vest/Liner

Heavyweight Wool Vest/Liner

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The same dense, heavyweight wool as our Double Mackinaw Cruiser

The Filson Outfitter System consists of 9 garments: 3 Coats (460 Shelter Cloth Oil Finish, 660 Tin Cloth Oil Finish, 760 Tin Cloth Dry Finish), 3 Jackets (92 Mid-weight Wool, 122 Heavyweight Wool, 152 Cotton Moleskin), and 3 Vests (91 Mid-weight Wool, 121 Heavyweight Wool, 151 Cotton Moleskin).

Our Vest/Liner is handsome and comfortable enough to wear on its own, or can be zipped into any of these Filson coats: Style 61 Tin Cloth Packer Coat, Style 423 Oil Finish Shelter Cloth Jacket, Style 460 Shelter Cloth Oil Finish Outfitter Coat, Style 461 Shelter Cloth Packer Coat, Style 465 Filson Duster Coat, Style 623 Tin Jacket, Style 660 Tin Cloth Oil Finish Outfitter Coat, Style 753 Dry Finish Klondike Jacket, Unlined, Style 760 Tin Cloth Dry Finish Outfitter Coat, Style 1438 All Season Rain Coat, Style 1439 Foul Weather Coat, Style 1440 Foul Weather Jacket, Style 1441 Cover Cloth Field Jacket, Style 1441XL Cover Cloth Field Jacket, Style 1442 Cover Cloth Weekender Coat.

Features include:
- Handsome and functional worn on its own
- Adds extra warmth when zipped into any Outfitter Coat
- Stand-up collar
- Comfortable handwarmer pockets
- Adjustable-fit cord at bottom hem

100% virgin wool Mackinaw Cloth - 24 oz.
Colors: Forest Green