Silverscent Wound Gel

Silverscent Wound Gel

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Whether difficult terrain, extreme weather, or some other type of accident in the field creates the need for medical attention, Mud River Sporting Dog Wound Gel™ with Silver Scent® Technology is the perfect antiseptic/antibacterial topical treatment.

This odorless and colorless gel can be applied directly to the affected area and does not attract other pests, dust, or dirt allowing for the wound to heal much faster than other ointments and gels currently on the market.

With 24 PPM of silver, Mud River Sporting Dog Wound Gel™ promotes the fast and natural healing of wounds from the inside out by killing bacteria to prevent infection and moisturizing the wound to ease discomfort. With a patented formulation that has been validated by rigorous testing and field applications, this product has been pushed to the limits to confirm its solid performance.

Sporting Dog Wound Gel - Antiseptic/antibacterial topical treatment for:
• Skin irriations
• Cuts
• Lacerations
• Abrasions
• Burns
• 4 fl. oz. (118ml)