Mackinaw Wool Zip-in Jacket/Liner

Mackinaw Wool Zip-in Jacket/Liner

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  • Zips into your Filson coat as a liner, or can be worn alone as a jacket
  • This liner is compatible with styles 460N, 641N, 660N and 760N 
  • Black plastic zipper 
  • Stand-up collar 
  • Hand warmer pockets 
  • Elastic cinch cord at waist
  • Button at back of neck keeps liner in place when zipped into coat 
  • Knit nylon storm cuffs at wrists 
  • Loop on each wrist to hold sleeves in place when worn as a liner inside a Filson coat 
  • Made in USA

    Brown, Forest Green

    Mackinaw wool, 24 oz. 100% virgin wool

    Approximately 2 lb 3 oz

    When ordering as a liner, order the same size as your Filson coat. When ordering as a jacket, order your suit size.

    This jacket/liner is designed to fit with styles 460N, 641N, 660N, and 760N. Style 122 zips into any of the coats listed above if manufactured in 2001 or later, using our current YKK zipper. The manufacturing cut date on the coat must begin with 2001 or later to fit the Style 122.

    M, L, XL