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Gunner Kennel Orthopedic Pad

Gunner Kennel Orthopedic Pad

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Our American Made premium pad allows dogs' pressure points to rest comfortably above the kennel's rotomolded surface – helping protect against general aches and pains, joint discomfort, arthritis, hip dysplasia and more. Plus, the gel-infused memory foam dog beds are designed to keep your dog cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

The pad is sewn with the same Kevlar thread used to make bullet proof vests and ensures maximum seam strength for maximum tear resistance.

Consider the amount your dog spends in the kennel – if it's more than a couple hours at a time, this is a smart investment for your best friend.

• Made in America
• Tear Resistant
• Water Resistant 
• Tailor Fit