Magnum Full-Body Mallard, Variety Pk, Fully Flocked

Magnum Full-Body Mallard, Variety Pk, Fully Flocked

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Our biggest, most realistic full body standing duck decoys, with the added non-reflective realism of FULL BODY FLOCKING. The Higdon Outdoors Magnum line of full body decoys is oversized and high contrast for improved visibility from long distances and realistic when ducks get up close.   The ring base system allows for a ton of movement in even the slightest breeze.  Easy to put out and pick up, our bungee and hook-on stake system allows these decoys and ring bases to be carried with one hand as one complete unit, and facilitates multiple decoys being packed at once.These decoys are fully flocked with non-reflective and highly durable flocking, and our deep, detailed carving highlights each individual feather.  Removable, adjustable heads rotate 360 degrees so you can fully customize the poses in your spread. Variety pack includes 1 Upright Head Drake, 1 Low Head Drake, 2 Feeder Drakes, 1 Low Head Hen and 1 Feeder Hen. Package includes 6 Fully Flocked decoys and 6 ring bases.

Product Details

  • Drake Upright: 18" Beak to Tail, 8" Wide; 20.25 oz;
  • Drake Low: 18" Beak to Tail, 8" Wide; 19.09 oz;
  • Drake Feeder: 19.75" Beak to Tail, 7.5" Wide; 20.50 oz;
  • Hen Low: 17.75" Beak to Tail, 7.5" Wide; 20.54 oz;
  • Hen Feeder: 20" Beak to Tail, 7.375" Wide; 19.44 oz;
  • *Dimensions and weights may vary

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