The Wildrose Way: Set of DVDs + Book

The Wildrose Way: Set of DVDs + Book

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Wildrose Way set of DVDs and our new book. One of each 1) SPORTING DOG AND RETRIEVER TRAINING THE WILDROSE WAY
Raising a Gentleman’s Gundog for Home and Field
Foreword by John Newman, President of Ducks Unlimited, Inc.
Universe Publishing /ISBN: 978-0-7893-2446-7 / $45.00 / September 2012
Hardcover / 256 pages / 200 color photographs / 8.5 x 1


2) Training the Upland Gundog, The Wildrose Way DVD
"The second in our Gentleman's Gundog Series, "Training the Upland Gundog, The Wildrose Way." A positive, natural, easy-to-understand training methodology for the development of fine gundogs for retrieving and flushing upland game birds. The instruction includes working with pointing breeds as well.

The content of the DVD is in a progression built upon the instruction in our basic retriever training. This is an advanced training program designed to ready dogs for the field whether it be for quail, pheasant, chukkar or grouse. Join Deke and Drake, the DU mascots, in this complete training program which includes individual lessons from obedience to transitional exercises all accomplished in a positive way. No force fetch, no electric collars, no spike collars, no whips or heeling sticks.

This is NATURAL GUNDOG TRAINING that will work for you and your game dog. Lessons include:

wagon dog

3) Wildrose Retriever Training DVD
Training the Hunting Retriever ...a new way ...a better way ...the Wildrose Way

Join Mike, Drake and 25 other gun dogs ages 3.5 months to 5 years, as they present a low-force no electric collar, natural program designed for upland and waterfowl hunting retrievers. The Gentleman's Gundog™

A complete training program in one DVD:
Group work
Delivery to Hand
Lining Memories
Walking baseball
Hand Signals
The first hunt
Introduction to Gunfire
Ladder extensions
Stop to the whistle