Wildrose Combination Training Lead (Grip Dots)
Wildrose Combination Training Lead (Grip Dots)

Wildrose Combination Training Lead (Grip Dots)

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The original Wildrose Combination Lead is a British-style slip lead with 3 separate pieces allowing versatility in the training of your dog for obedience, field, adventures or service.

The Lead 36”

The Steady Tab - 11”

The Slip Collar - 22”

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This unique combination allows for the progressive “fading” or elimination of the lead and collar for unobstructed retrieves, swimming, heel work or biking.

The steady tab provides the handler a grip to stabilize the dog in training but it is short enough not to interfere with the dog running or swimming.
The sections provide many options to the handler for slowly eliminating the lead and collar for field activities. (see Sporting Dog and Retriever Training the Wildrose Way pages 89-91)
Construction is of strong, rubberized material that is waterproof and resistant to soiling.
Collars are adjustable and available in two sizes:  22” and 26”
The steady tab attachment assists in field steadiness until the time of release for a retrieve or activity yet it does not interfere with the dog’s running or swimming.


Handcrafted in America

Field Tested at Wildrose Training Facilities for durability and effectiveness

The perfect training lead for field or trail assuring control, steadiness, crisp corrections and multiple utilization without the interference of longer leads and check cords.